My… Cara Delevingne

She is the new Kate Moss not only because she is English and everyone wants her, but also because of the scandals and the rumors around her. Cara was born in ’92 and she started her career as model thanks to some pictures of Mario Testino. Firstly H&M and then Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana and others stylists … Continue reading

My… Marilyn Monroe

She was born in 1926, the first of June and she died in 1962. There are a lot of different stories  around her death and her private life but one thing is clear: Marilyn is an icon of beauty and style. She was not the most beautiful actress in Hollywood but her charm and sex … Continue reading

My… Georgia May Jagger

  She is the third daughter of Mick Jagger and the top model Jerry Hall. Even if she has famous parents, Georgia is a common and polite girl. She said in an interview:” Look at Beyoncé: she is an example of diva that remains herself despite her world popularity . She is firstly herself.  I … Continue reading

My… Beyoncé

  While Rihanna was crossing the Black Continent for her Tour, Beyoncé celebrated her Tour with a big jump from 250 meters or so. She jumped down from the Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand wearing her Isabel Marant Sneakers. She is so cool!!! Nobody can’t stop her, neither her daughter Ivy Blue Carter, born … Continue reading

My… Rihanna

  Which look I should choose for her!? She passed from the sweet and innocent style of “Music of the Sun”, to the rock style of “Good Girl Gone Bad” and at last she adopted the more funky style of “Talk Talk” She’s always paid attention to the changes of fashion trends. She has never … Continue reading

My… Angelina Jolie

She’s famous for her divine beauty and for her troublesome life (and for her husband too). But the bad girl now is changed. Now she’s an important woman who collaborates with different humanitarian organization.  This April, for example, she spoke at a G8 foreign ministers meeting, where ministers pledged a sum for the development of  … Continue reading

My… Emily Blunt

  She became popular thanks to her performance in “The Devil wears Prada” with her colleague Anne Hathaway (you’ll see My…Anne Hathaway soon). She’s incredibly elegant and it is not by chance that  Yves St. Laurent chose her as his testimonial for  Opium. During her career she also showed an strong tenacity overcoming problems like stutter. … Continue reading