Take My Idols My Fashion’s Advice!

  Advise: never throw out of clothes! They colud becoming fashionable again like leopard spotted!!! (Look to Velvet, October 2009)   Consiglio: mai buttare via i vestiti! Possono sempre tornare di moda come il leopardato! (Guarda Velvet, October 2009)     Advertisements

My… Halle Berry

Her father is Afro-American while her mother has English and German origins. She won the Oscar as best actress with Monster’s Ball. It was the first “black Oscar” to an actress. She started her career in the show business as a model, but her dream was to become a successful actress. There are several performances … Continue reading

My… Emma Watson

  Emma Watson is known as Hermione Granger, the Harry Potter girl! She was born in France and at 9 years old ,after eight auditions, she obtained the role of the grind schoolmate of Harry. The shoots of the saga ended in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II. In March … Continue reading

My… Cameron Diaz

  Cameron She started her career as a model but soon she played relevant roles like in The Mask and in blockbusters like There’s Something About Mary and Charlie’s Angels. She is fanatic of each kind of sport, and fitness has a main role in her life. Furthermore as ex top model, she pays attention … Continue reading

My… Jennifer Aniston

  She is one of my favorite actresses. I love her in Friends, her first relevant role. For this interpretation, she received a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. Now, after more or less 10 years, she is still showing her talent as in The Bounty Hunter (the best one for me), where she … Continue reading

My… Taylor Swift

  She is the typical front door girl. She was born in Pennsylvania. She grew up feeding her passion for country music and poetry. When eleven years old, she started her first exhibitions.  The way to success was uphill for Taylor: actually, she received many refusal from managers who didn’t see a good potential in … Continue reading

Christmas Gift

  More than 1000 likes on Facebook Page (now 1100) and more than 3500 views in 2 month for my blog! It’s a fantastic Christmas gift! Thank you guys:) You are great:)     Più di 1000 likes nella mia pagina in Facebook  (ora 1100) e più di 3500 visite in meno di due mesi nel mio blog! Fantastico … Continue reading

My… Kate Moss

  She is The Style Icon. She personify glamour, charm and fascination. Everyone knows her as a symbol of fashion. Kate Moss entered in the fashion word when she was only 14 and, in few years, she became point of contention between big brands. The first investing on her was Calvin Klein but soon also … Continue reading

My… Blake Lively

  How can’t I envy Blake Lively!? She is blond, tall and beautiful. She married Ryan Reynolds in 2012.  Christian Louboutin gave her name to a pair of his shoes, “The Blake”… Just these few things justify a dislike for her. Obviously, you know her as Serena van der Woodsen, one of the main character … Continue reading