My… Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is the Queen of Pop. She was born in 1958 in Michigan. Her father, Silvio Anthony Ciccone, was an Italian American while her mother, Madonna Louise was a French Canadian, who died for a breast cancer in 1963. Madonna, suffering because of the deep sorrow, decided to move to her grandma … Continue reading

My…Katy Perry

  The California Girl grew up singing gospel music. In fact her father, Maurice Keith Hudson, is a Christian protestant pastor. After this first approach to music, she also played country, rock music, and she actualized this experience in her first album Katy Hudson (her real name). At 17, she decided to move to Los … Continue reading

My… Taylor Swift

  She is the typical front door girl. She was born in Pennsylvania. She grew up feeding her passion for country music and poetry. When eleven years old, she started her first exhibitions.  The way to success was uphill for Taylor: actually, she received many refusal from managers who didn’t see a good potential in … Continue reading

My… Jennifer Lopez

  J.Lo is a singer-songwriter, actress, producer, stylist, choreographer, and I can go on and on! She started to sing and act since she was five. Her dream was to become a successful actress. Her parents thought it was not possible for a Latin girl, but no one couldn’t stop her: she decided to go … Continue reading

My… Beyoncé

  While Rihanna was crossing the Black Continent for her Tour, Beyoncé celebrated her Tour with a big jump from 250 meters or so. She jumped down from the Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand wearing her Isabel Marant Sneakers. She is so cool!!! Nobody can’t stop her, neither her daughter Ivy Blue Carter, born … Continue reading

My… Rihanna

  Which look I should choose for her!? She passed from the sweet and innocent style of “Music of the Sun”, to the rock style of “Good Girl Gone Bad” and at last she adopted the more funky style of “Talk Talk” She’s always paid attention to the changes of fashion trends. She has never … Continue reading