My… Marion Cotillard

  Her parents were both actors, so Marion grew up with this deep passion. She started to play in his father’s plays and she obtained other small parts. Her breaking point success arrived only in ’90s when she obtained relevant roles in  different movies as “Love Me If You Dare” ,”Big Fish” and others. In … Continue reading

My… Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  When she was young, her classmates fool her because of her big lips. They couldn’t know she would become a successful  model of Victoria’s Secret and testimonial of Burberry perfume “Burberry Body “. In 2007 she had been found by an agent while she was studying at college and a year later she was … Continue reading

My First Collaboration: PrimaLinea

  This week I started my first collaboration with a clothes shop in Padua. It is “PrimaLinea”, a wonderful shop conceived and developed by Stefania Bertolini. The shop is extremely elegant and refined. All is simple and in the same time in harmony: from the furniture to the exposition of the single cloth; there is … Continue reading