Summary of the Milan Fashion Week 2014

This is a short summary of the Milan Fashion Week 2014. It is a selection of only my preferred walkways. Which is your favourite one? Questo è un breve riassunto della Milano Fashion Week 2014. È una selezione solo delle mie passerelle preferite. Qual’è la vostra preferita? Moschino Dolce e Gabbana Gucci Fendi Max Mara Advertisements

My… Blake Lively

  How can’t I envy Blake Lively!? She is blond, tall and beautiful. She married Ryan Reynolds in 2012.  Christian Louboutin gave her name to a pair of his shoes, “The Blake”… Just these few things justify a dislike for her. Obviously, you know her as Serena van der Woodsen, one of the main character … Continue reading

My… Jennifer Lopez

  J.Lo is a singer-songwriter, actress, producer, stylist, choreographer, and I can go on and on! She started to sing and act since she was five. Her dream was to become a successful actress. Her parents thought it was not possible for a Latin girl, but no one couldn’t stop her: she decided to go … Continue reading