My… Kate Winslet

    Kate Winslet is not simply an actress, she is an artist. She started to act since she was young, growing up in a stimulating environment, thanks to her parents, who were actors too. Up to 1991, she obtained only small roles. Then the celebrity arrived quickly. At 17, Peter Jackson had selected her … Continue reading

My… Kate Garry Hudson

  She is the daughter of the actress Goldie Hawn and the singer and actor Bill Hudson. Her kinship is clear: she has her mum’s unique smile. Kate Hudson has the typical beauty of a California girl with a beautiful body that she trains every day. She is one of the actresses in Hollywood most … Continue reading

My… Jennifer Lawrence

  She is the actress of the moment. She has just won the Oscar as Best Actress for “Silver Linings Playbook” and her fame is implacable thanks to the saga of “Hunger Games”. Her last work, “American Hustle”, has  already been candidate to the Oscar as Best Movie, Best Costume Design, Best Director, Best Film … Continue reading

My…Charlize Theron

She was born in South Africa. Her parents had French, German and Dutch origins.  They had a farm and Charlize Theron grew up helping them. She had a very tough childhood not only due to the hard work, but also because she attended the dramatic death of his father: he was drunk and attacked her … Continue reading

My… Halle Berry

Her father is Afro-American while her mother has English and German origins. She won the Oscar as best actress with Monster’s Ball. It was the first “black Oscar” to an actress. She started her career in the show business as a model, but her dream was to become a successful actress. There are several performances … Continue reading

My… Anne Hathaway

How can I describe an actress of a so big talent!? Anne showed her incredible capabilities in all her movies . The results are impressive: this year she received an  Oscar, a Golden Globe and several other prizes. I’d like to focus on my favorite film and on her last interpretation which is simply astonishing. … Continue reading